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Liam Gallagher – For What It’s Worth

Liam Gallagher – For What It’s Worth Chords and Lyrics Artist : Liam Gallagher Song : For What It’s Worth [Verse 1] : Am G F C C/B In my defence all my intentions were good Am G F G and heaven knows a place somewhere for the misunderstood D C F G you know […]

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Lime Cordiale – Waking Up Easy

Lime Cordiale – Waking Up Easy Chords and Lyrics Artist : Lime Cordiale Song : Waking Up Easy [Intro] : F C G [Verse 1] : F C Sun, rise G Blood shot eyes F C Head, burns G Cheap white wine F I remember last night C G And it still feels good in […]

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Leroy Sanchez – Man of the Year

Leroy Sanchez – Man of the Year Chords and Lyrics Artist : Leroy Sanchez Song : Man of the Year [Intro] : Am Dm F G [Chorus] : Am Dm You got me spending all my money, dryin’ all your tears F G Doing things that I don’t do, you got me switching gears Am […]

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Zedd – Get Low feat. Liam Payne

Zedd – Get Low feat. Liam Payne Chords and Lyrics Artist : Zedd & Liam Payne Song : Get Low [Verse] : F# It takes two to love Ebm But that don’t mean much Bbm Sensitive tough, you don’t get enough F# Ebm I’ve been drowning in your, lost in the rush Bbm Faded, you […]

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Lady Antebellum – Home

Lady Antebellum – Home Chords and Lyrics Artist : Lady Antebellum Song : Home [Verse 1] : Cadd9 G Took a million miles and wrong turns just to find you Em D And I guess I’m the guy who you were waiting on me all along Cadd9 G In a world gone crazy, I know […]

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Laura Marling – Nouel

Laura Marling – Nouel Chords and Lyrics Artist : Laura Marling Song : Nouel [Intro] : C [Verse 1] : C C She sings along to sailor’s song G C/G G7 C/G In a dress that she made G C/G A7 When she’s gone I sing along F/C C But it doesn’t sound the same […]

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Levante – Pezzo Di Me

Levante – Pezzo Di Me Chords and Lyrics Artist : Levante Song : Pezzo Di Me [Intro] : C F C F [Verse 1] : C Un altro addio cadere nell’oblio F cercarsi per un po’ nel whisky di un bistrot Em F dove si va senza un’idea, dove si va domenica. C Un giorno […]

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Lady Linn – Verlangen Cover Clouseau

Lady Linn – Verlangen Cover Clouseau Chords and Lyrics Artist : Lady Linn Song : Verlangen Cover Clouseau [Verse 1] : C Zwoele zomeravond C Verschrikkelijk cliche Am Je keek naar mij en vroeg me: Am Ga je met me mee? F Ik had toen beter moeten weten F Je keek niet zo verliefd naar […]

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London Grammar – Bones Of Ribbon

London Grammar – Bones Of Ribbon Chords and Lyrics Artist : London Grammar Song : Bones Of Ribbon [Intro] : E [Verse 1] : E D A Take my efforts high above red hues E Bones of ribbon don’t stop me now D A Whites went blue, then went yellow E Feet don’t stop me […]

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Lupid – Aus Allen Wolken

Lupid – Aus Allen Wolken Chords and Lyrics Artist : Lupid Song : Aus Allen Wolken [Verse 1] : D E Wenn du jemand anders wärst und ich nicht ich C#m D Würde ich dir sagen, wer du für mich bist D Wie du mir nebenbei meinen Kopf verdrehst E mit Leichtigkeit an mir vorüberschwebst […]

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