Alec Benjamin – Feed

Alec Benjamin – Feed Chords and Lyrics Artist : Alec Benjamin Song : Feed [Verse 1] : Dbm A Gbm Ab You’ve got that flesh between your teeth, got the dirt beneath your nails A Gbm Ab You’ve got that hunger in your eyes, the one that never seems to fail A Gbm Ab Now […]

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Bethel Music – King Above All Kings

Bethel Music – King Above All Kings Chords and Lyrics Artist : Bethel Music Song : King Above All Kings [Verse 1] : Em C G Who is this man of no position Em C D Gave up all that he possessed Em C G Became acquainted with our weakness C G D Born of […]

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The Script – Deliverance

The Script – Deliverance Chords and Lyrics Artist : The Script Song : Deliverance [Verse] : Am C Is it getting better? Is it getting worse? F E Oh, you can’t ever know of these words if it don’t hurt Am C Am I falling forward? Am I in reverse? F E Oh, you can’t […]

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Jessie Reyez – Blue Ribbon

Jessie Reyez – Blue Ribbon Chords and Lyrics Artist : Jessie Reyez Song : Blue Ribbon Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Dm Ab All of these boys, they callin’ me pretty Dm Who’s your producer? Producer is Timmy Dm And I don’t need nothin’, I just need my whiskey Dm Toronto, Toronto, Toronto, my city Dm […]

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Conan Gray – Grow

Conan Gray – Grow Chords and Lyrics Artist : Conan Gray Song : Grow [Verse 1] : G Em Am C I look about seventy years older G Em Am C It feels like minutes but really it’s hours G Em The cooling pavements calling my name and Am C The zooming street signs don’t […]

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Calogero – Voler De Nuit

Calogero – Voler De Nuit Chords and Lyrics Artist : Calogero Song : Voler De Nuit [Verse] : Am FM7 G Em/G Je transporte des lettres, des rêves dans les étoiles Dm G Je suis facteur du ciel pour l’aéropostale Am FM7 G Em/G Je regarde le monde depuis mon appareil Dm G C’est beau […]

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Kota Banks – Empty Streets feat. MOZA

Kota Banks – Empty Streets feat. MOZA Chords and Lyrics Artist : Kota Banks & MOZA Song : Empty Streets [Intro] : D A Bm G [Verse] : D I saw in you A The vision of all the lights calling you Bm Answer to prayers at night never knew But that’s nothing new G […]

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Cro – Unendlichkeit

Cro – Unendlichkeit Chords and Lyrics Artist : Cro Song : Unendlichkeit [Intro] : Dm Am G F [Hook] : Dm Am G F Das Leben macht Spaß, ja, du bist ‘n Star, yeah Dm Am G F Isst von goldenen Löffeln und fickst schöne Frau’n Dm Am G F Zehntausend km/h, doch du gibst […]

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John Mark McMillan – Enemy, Love.

John Mark McMillan – Enemy, Love. Chords and Lyrics Artist : John Mark McMillan Song : Enemy, Love. [Intro] : E E A A C#m Bsus4 A A [Verse 1] : E I don’t trust a fool E I don’t trust myself A I don’t want to bother you A With all of my doubt […]

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