ST12 – Cinta Bukan Harta

ST12 – Cinta Bukan Harta Chords and Lyrics Artist : ST12 Song : Cinta Bukan Harta B E Ku benar cinta kamu F# B tapi lihat siapa dirimu B E harta benda tak bisa F# B -F#/Bb membuatmu hidup bahagia G#m C#m Kau anggapku lelaki apa F# B -F#/Bb Yang suka pada hartamu saja G#m […]

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Marika Hackman – So Long

Marika Hackman – So Long Chords and Lyrics Artist : Marika Hackman Song : So Long [Intro] : D5 Bbsus2 Gm (x4) [Verse 1] : D5 Bbsus2 Gm D5 Was it cold outside? Bbsus2 Gm D5 ‘Cause your complexion is starting to fade Bbsus2 Gm D5 Or are you ter – ri – fied? Bbsus2 […]

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Stone Sour – Hydrograd

Stone Sour – Hydrograd Chords and Lyrics Artist : Stone Sour Song : Hydrograd [Verse 1] : E Dbm Don’t come over, I don’t want your company D E Dbm I think you ought to spend a little bit of time alone E Dbm You say you don’t need it, but damn I know you […]

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Kesha – Praying

Kesha – Praying Chords and Lyrics Artist : Kesha Song : Praying [Intro] : Gm F Bb (x2) [Verse] : Gm F Bb Well, you almost had me fooled Gm F Bb Told me that I was nothing without you Gm F Bb Oh, but after everything you’ve done Gm F Bb I can thank […]

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Housefires – Lifter

Housefires – Lifter Chords and Lyrics Artist : Housefires Song : Lifter [Verse 1] : G Rivers of unfailing love D Sweep my fears away G The kindness of the Savior’s touch D Heals the heart that breaks [Chorus 1] : Am G Em You’re the lifter of my head C G D/F# Won’t You […]

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OneRepublic – Truth To Power

OneRepublic – Truth To Power Chords and Lyrics Artist : OneRepublic Song : Truth To Power [Verse 1] : Am F C I could tell you I was fragile Am F C G I could tell you I was weak Am F C I could rat you out and leave you G Am F Tell […]

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Lady Antebellum – Home

Lady Antebellum – Home Chords and Lyrics Artist : Lady Antebellum Song : Home [Verse 1] : Cadd9 G Took a million miles and wrong turns just to find you Em D And I guess I’m the guy who you were waiting on me all along Cadd9 G In a world gone crazy, I know […]

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Khalid – Winter

Khalid – Winter Chords and Lyrics Artist : Khalid Song : Winter [Verse 1] : F# C# I lost my heart in the nighttime G# D#m She left me out in the cold F# C# She left me broken and weary G# D#m Drunk off the lies she told F# C# I fell in love […]

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Mislav Gleich – A Beautiful Day

Mislav Gleich – A Beautiful Day Chords and Lyrics Artist : Mislav Gleich Song : A Beautiful Day [Verse 1] : A As I am walking alone E On the street of my home D E7 With a smile on my face A The sky is filling with blue E And I don’t have a […]

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Bishop Briggs – Be Your Love

Bishop Briggs – Be Your Love Chords and Lyrics Artist : Bishop Briggs Song : Be Your Love [Intro] : Bm A Em Ahhh, ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh Bm I’mma be your love, I’mma be your love A Em Ahhh, ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh Bm I’mma be your love, I’mma be your love [Verse 1] : A […]

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