Calogero – 1987

Calogero – 1987 Chords and Lyrics Artist : Calogero Song : 1987 [Verse 1] : D Dsus4 Tu te souviens Bm Bm7 Les couleurs sur les baskets A Asus4 Les crayons dans les cassettes Je rembobine D Dsus4 Tu te souviens Bm Bm7 Tous ces rêves plein nos disquettes A Asus4 À Paris c’était les […]

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Amitie Band – Mentari

Amitie Band – Mentari Chords and Lyrics Artist : Amitie Band Song : Mentari [Intro] : C D [Verse] : C G hari mulai berganti C G begitu indahnya pagi C G seperti bunga ini Em yang selalu D menghiasi C G waktu terus berputar C G ada siang dan malam C G seperti hatiku […]

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Picture This – Addicted To You

Picture This – Addicted To You Chords and Lyrics Artist : Picture This Song : Addicted To You [Verse] : G D Em G C Well I don’t really know what you want But I hope it’s me G D G C Am I right, or am I wrong G D Em G C And […]

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Free Far Down – Pulang

Free Far Down – Pulang Chords and Lyrics Artist : Free Far Down Song : Pulang [Intro] : C Am [Verse] : C Apa yang kau rasakan saat Am Langkah kaki telah mencapai sebuah epilog C Ku rasa terlalu memaksa Am Bila tawa mencoba tuk berdialog C Berguguran secara kasat mata Am Waktu berbicara tanpa […]

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James Blunt – Heartbeat

James Blunt – Heartbeat Chords and Lyrics Artist : James Blunt Song : Heartbeat [Intro] : Em [Verse 1] : Em Let it slide All the choices I made B Let it burn As it rolls down my face G Let it fall Am Just to be the one again Bm But if I want […]

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SZA – Garden (Say It Like Dat)

SZA – Garden (Say It Like Dat) Chords and Lyrics Artist : SZA Song : Garden (Say It Like Dat) [Verse 1] : A Need you for the old me Need you for my sanity D Need you to remind me where I come from A Can you remind me of my gravity? D Ground […]

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Michael Schulte – Falling Apart

Michael Schulte – Falling Apart Chords and Lyrics Artist : Michael Schulte Song : Falling Apart [Intro] : Em C G D (x2) [Verse 1] : Em C I am sleepless for a weekend G D so I start to say goodbye Em C Say goodbye to all that he had, G D say goodbye […]

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Thomas Rhett – Life Changes

Thomas Rhett – Life Changes Chords and Lyrics Artist : Thomas Rhett Song : Life Changes [Intro] : G Em Dm [Verse 1] : G A Waking up in my college dorm Em Bm Yeah, my life, it was pretty normal G F#m Looking for a date to the spring formal A Wasn’t worried ’bout […]

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One Direction – Drag Me Down

One Direction – Drag Me Down Chords and Lyrics Artist : One Direction Song : Drag Me Down Requested by Aquino Christian Hazel [Verse 1] : Bm G A I’ve got fire for a heart, I’m not scared of the dark Em You’ve never seen it look so easy Bm G D I got a […]

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