Sula Ventrebianco – Metionina

Sula Ventrebianco – Metionina Chords and Lyrics Artist : Sula Ventrebianco Song : Metionina [Intro] : Db C Bb (x2) [Verse] : Db C Bb Db C Bb Non mi spengo mai e non resto qua Db C Bb Db C Bb Ho cercato di trovarmi, e tu sai dove sei? [Chorus] : Db C […]

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Tamino – Cigar

Tamino – Cigar Chords and Lyrics Artist : Tamino Song : Cigar [Intro] : C [Verse] : Am F D A G F You, look at me now, with those hollow eye sockets and smile G A G F And it seems all a lie, what they’ve told me so far C B F D […]

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London Grammar – Everyone Else

London Grammar – Everyone Else Chords and Lyrics Artist : London Grammar Song : Everyone Else [Intro] : Em C/E Em [Verse 1] : C/E Em Em/B Time is worth everything Am Words against the tide Em Em/B Grand failing of failings Am And everything you call mine C Em Blessings on horizons, I swear […]

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Matt Gresham – Home

Matt Gresham – Home Chords and Lyrics Artist : Matt Gresham Song : Home [Verse 1] : Am F C I picked up my life and I stuffed it in the bag Am F C One way ticket out and I’m never coming back Am F C People say I’m crazy ’cause I left my […]

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BROCKHAMPTON – Waste Chords and Lyrics Artist : BROCKHAMPTON Song : Waste [Verse 1] : Amaj7 Amaj7 A7 A7 D Was I more than it’s worth or will you see my name and I’ll fade? D Pitch my camp in your mind Dm Dm Sat by the fire, behind your eyes Amaj7 Amaj7 A7 A7 […]

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CAAMP – Misty

CAAMP – Misty Chords and Lyrics Artist : CAAMP Song : Misty [Intro] : Bb E Bb E Bb E Bb E Bb Eb [Verse 1] : Bb Gm Eb Bb You know I cant, eat without you Eb Bb And I cant sleep without you Eb Bb Stay up all night, writing songs about […]

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