Sanam Re – Tere Liye

Lyrics and Chords Sanam Re – Tere Liye [Intro] : Em C D Bm C Em [Instrumental] : Em D C (x2) [Instrumental] : D B C G [Verse] : Em D C Tere liye khudko badal de Em D Am Tere liye kuch bhi kar de D B Vaada hai tujhse mera C G […]

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Alan Walker – Faded

Lyrics and Chords Alan Walker – Faded Artist : Alan Walker Song : Faded [Intro] : Ebm B F# C# [Verse] : Ebm B You were the shadow to my light F# Did you feel us C# Another start C# You fade away Ebm B Afraid our aim is out of sight B F# Wanna […]

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Hailee Steinfeld – You’re Such A

Hailee Steinfeld – You’re Such A Chords and Lyrics Artist : Hailee Steinfeld Song : You’re Such A G You keep calling D You keep calling Em Say that you want it back C All my loving, all my loving G But you can’t, you can’t D Ou keep trying, you keep trying Em With […]

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Lauren Alaina – Next Boyfriend

Lyrics and Chords Lauren Alaina – Next Boyfriend Artist : Lauren Alaina Song : Next Boyfriend [Intro] : Am F C G (x2) [Verse I] : Am F I thought I knew you from somewhere C G Right when you walked through the door Am F So please forgive me for staring C G It’s […]

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Ellie Goulding – Army

Ellie Goulding – Army Chords and Lyrics Artist : Ellie Goulding Song : Army [Intro] : B [Verse] : B I know that I mess up B But you never let me give up E All the nights and the fights and the blood and all the break ups E You’re always there to call […]

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Olamide – I Love Lagos

Lyrics and Chords Olamide – I Love Lagos Artist : Olamide (Chord Not Yet Avaible) Song : I Love Lagos [Hook] : Oyinbo eko lowa oyinbo Oyinbo why you speaking oyinbo Oyinbo you dey Lagos oyinbo oo [Chorus] : If I carry you go banana my guy You go love Lagos oo If I carry […]

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Brett Eldredge – Drunk On Your Love

Lyrics and Chords Brett Eldredge – Drunk On Your Love Artist : Brett Eldredge Song : Drunk On Your Love [Intro] : E B Abm F# (x2) [Verse] : E B Abm F# The second she walked through the door, I caught a buzz E B Abm F# One taste from your lips knocked me […]

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