Biffy Clyro – Medicine

Lyrics and Chords Biffy Clyro – Medicine Artist : Biffy Clyro Song : Medicine [Intro] : F# C# A#m B (x2) [Verse] : F# C# A#m B I was done talking, but I still couldn’t sleep F# C# A#m B I rolled out my medicine, to forget me F# C# A#m B I tried not […]

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Meghan Trainor – Mom

Meghan Trainor – Mom Chords and Lyrics Artist : Meghan Trainor Song : Mom [Chorus] : E C#m F#m You might have a mom, she might be the bomb B E But ain’t nobody got a mom like mine E C#m F#m Her love’s ’til the end, she’s my best friend F#m B E Ain’t […]

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Desiigner – Panda

Desiigner – Panda Chords and Lyrics Artist : Desiigner Song : Panda G This what they all been waitin’ for D I guess so Em They been waitin’ for this shit for a long time didn’t they C I’ma give it everythin’ I got G Ayo Dougie park that X6 around the corner D Ayy […]

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Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For

Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For Chords and Lyrics Artist : Calvin Harris Song : This Is What You Came For [Verse 1] : G Baby, this is what you came for D Lightning strikes every time she moves Em And everybody’s watching her C But she’s looking at you, oh, oh […]

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XTC – Thats Really Super Supergirl

XTC – Thats Really Super Supergirl Chords and Lyrics Artist : XTC Song : Thats Really Super Supergirl [Verse] : Bb6 I can’t hold you down If you want to fly Eb Cm Can’t you see I’m all broke up inside Fsus F7 Bb6 Faug Well just you use your two X Ray eyes [Verse] […]

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Great White – The Angel Song

Great White – The Angel Song Chords and Lyrics Artist : Great White Song : The Angel Song [Intro] : Am Fmaj7 F#m7b5 G E/G# (x2) Am Fmaj7 Fallen angel ripped and bruised F#m7b5 G E/G# Think on better days Am Fmaj7 Life is rude, treats you bad F#m7b5 G E/G# Tears your wings away […]

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Eav – Der Tod

Eav – Der Tod Chords and Lyrics Artist : Eav Song : Der Tod [Intro] : Am [Verse 1] : Am Em Es ist zwölfe bei der Nacht, draußen geht der Sturm, G F G Am die Totenglocken läuten, schon wieder muss ana in die Gruabn. Am Em Der Tod ist ein gerechter Mann, obst […]

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Prince – Purple Rain

Prince – Purple Rain Chords and Lyrics Artist : Prince Song : Purple Rain G I never meant to cause you any sorrow D I never meant to cause you any pain Em I only wanted one time to see you laughing C I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain G […]

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Flume – Say It

Flume – Say It Chords and Lyrics Artist : Flume Song : Say It [Verse 1] : G Feeling the song, party done D Shadows walking home Em Walking with our game on C You are my kind, classic mind G And you look so fine D Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Em Loving the cold, […]

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Ariana Grande – Let Me Love You

Ariana Grande – Let Me Love You Chords and Lyrics Artist : Ariana Grande Song : Let Me Love You [Verse 1] : G I just broke up with my ex D Now I’m out here single, I don’t really know what’s next Em But I ain’t even trippin’, I’mma chill and sit back C […]

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