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The Academic – Bear Claws

The Academic – Bear Claws Chords and Lyrics Artist : The Academic Song : Bear Claws [Intro] : D G Bm G (x2) [Verse] : D G Bm G D G Bm G I know it’s a little old-fashioned, holding hands, now start your romancin’ D G Bm G Show me all your flaws, Show […]

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Tove Styrke – Say My Name

Tove Styrke – Say My Name Chords and Lyrics Artist : Tove Styrke Song : Say My Name [Verse 1] : D You said you ain’t the one to to jump in a relation D And I don’t mind, but when we touch it’s elevation Bm Up, up, up, up, up Up, up, up, up, […]

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TJ Monterde – Memories

TJ Monterde – Memories Chords and Lyrics Artist : TJ Monterde Song : Memories [Intro] : E G#m A C#m B E G#m A [Verse 1] : E Can you still remember G#m A promise that I’ll never Asus2 ever leave, Never leaves E But time just flew so fast E Is he that be […]

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The Dear Hunter – The Fire

The Dear Hunter – The Fire Chords and Lyrics Artist : The Dear Hunter Song : The Fire [Verse 1] : Em E Am For so long have my teeth held my tongue from a venomous voice Em E Am But the poison has passed from my lips to my hands, an incendiary ploy Em […]

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The Chainsmokers – Young

The Chainsmokers – Young Chords and Lyrics Artist : The Chainsmokers Song : Young [Intro] : D E F#m E [Verse] : D Young E We were so young when we thought F#m that we knew how to love E D Fought about anything, everything led to dysfunction E But we just gotta own that […]

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Tow’rs – Going

Tow’rs – Going Chords and Lyrics Artist : Tow’rs Song : Going [Intro] : Gm Eb Bb Gm Bb [Verse 1] : Gm Eb Bb If I was as tall enough to talk to birds Gm Eb I’d pick you up in my arms with words Gm Eb Bb And lend your eyes, a sight […]

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The Killers – The Man

The Killers – The Man Chords and Lyrics Artist : The Killers Song : The Man [Intro] : A F#m A F#m [Verse 1] : A F#m I know the score like the back of my hand A F#m Them other boys, I don’t give a damn A F#m They kiss on the ring, I […]

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Tamino – Cigar

Tamino – Cigar Chords and Lyrics Artist : Tamino Song : Cigar [Intro] : C [Verse] : Am F D A G F You, look at me now, with those hollow eye sockets and smile G A G F And it seems all a lie, what they’ve told me so far C B F D […]

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