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Ulver – 1969

Ulver – 1969 Chords and Lyrics Artist : Ulver Song : 1969 [Intro] : A5 Am Em C F Dm6 C G [Verse] : A5 Am Em C In the year of the Lord F Dm6 C G The word became flesh A5 Am Em C But our bodies now F Dm6 C G Will […]

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Us The Duo – Better Together

Us The Duo – Better Together Chords and Lyrics Artist : Us The Duo Song : Better Together [Verse 1] : D A There’s no combination of words Bm A I could put on the back of a postcard G D The song that I can sing Em A But I can try for your […]

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Unspoken – Christmas Everyday

Unspoken – Christmas Everyday Chords and Lyrics Artist : Unspoken Song : Christmas Everyday [Verse 1] : A Tell me why do we wait E 364 days F#m To slow down and stop D Remember how blessed we are A So we’re trading in the wish list E All the things we never needed F#m […]

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