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Kyle Craft – Balmorhea

Lyrics and Chords Kyle Craft – Balmorhea

Artist : Kyle Craft
Song : Balmorhea

[Intro] : G C/G G  C F/C C

[Verse 1] :
G      D         C       G
Balmorhea, well, what say you?
G          D                 C                D
Will you meet me there when I come passing through?
Em                 D                 C                 G
And if you find reason to hide, you know where you can come.
G               D                  C            G
That is, if I'm not the one you're still hiding from.

[Verse 2] :
G            D                   C                G
But I pawned my faith there and I couldn't buy it back,
G               D                    C                D
When you said your life there on the stage was all an act.
Em                         D                C                  G
Where the world saw you as a phoenix on the wind with wings of fire,
G                 D                       C
Oh, it's plain to me, you'll always be a sparrow,
        Cm             G            
Singing softly on the wire.
           C               Cm            G
Whoa-oh, a sparrow singing softly on the wire.
[Verse 3] :
G           D                  C             G
Now the boys talk over and the girls chatter loud
G                D               C                    D
And your precious dirge upon the stage was so drowned out.
Em                  D                   C                   G
But I realized it's not the song or the stage that made you shine;
G                 D                             C
It's the way you speak, your soft mystique, and one day I,
         Cm                     G
For a season, tried to make you mine.
 C              Cm                         G
One day I, for a season, tried to make you mine.

[Outro] : G C/G  C F/C

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