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Modern Baseball – Everyday

Lyrics and Chords Modern Baseball – Everyday

Artist : Modern Baseball
Song : Everyday

[Verse 1] :
You hold my hand
You hold your liquor
Projection screen
Hot scene sticks flicker
You gave me time a tiny taste
Of your truth
   D/F#  Gadd9
I was    starved and you were full

[Verse 2] :
I drove back home
When you got sicker
             Gadd9                           E11sus2
Disputing claims that you still held the TV clicker
          Aadd7                       E11
And his face was flushed still in my mind
         D/F#  Gadd9
The way you    asked if she was fine

[Break] : Bm11 Bm11 Dsus2 Dsus2
          Gadd9 Gadd9 Bm7 Aadd7
[Verse 3] :
You need to hide
It's in your framework
                Gadd9                               E11sus2
Look me in the eyes and act like I don't know how shame works
Your compass spins in reverse
The trees do timelapse speak of
The sky is lost behind a sea of rain

[Bridge] :
      D3/F#  D3add4                 D3
She's acting like she knows what's up
           D3/F#           D3add4  D3
She's trip tripping that devotion stuff
 D3/F#           D3add4     D3
Breaking record Bren won't pop
                D3/F#           D3add4  D3
She said she's sipping from the holy   cup

[Verse 4] :
Bm7  D  Gadd9  Gmadd9  Dsus4
Bm7  Aadd7

Bm7  D    Gadd9 Gmadd9
Wa - king up
Dsus4  Bm7     Aadd7  Gadd9     Bm7  D   Gadd9 Gmadd9 Dsus4
Ev  -  eryday is      all about do - ing things
Bm7 Aadd7  Gadd9
You don't  want to do
    Bm7    D    Gadd9 Gmadd9 Dsus4
But you're re - warded
Bm7      Aadd7
You get to wake up

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