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Modern Baseball – Hiding

Lyrics and Chords Modern Baseball – Hiding

Artist : Modern Baseball
Song : Hiding

[Intro] : G

Take the train to Frankford
Em              B
I won’t answer when they call
   C                    Cm      G
I guess that’s just my gift to myself
Drank a lot and danced to The Cure
Em                   B  
Holding on for dear life
C                       Cm                          G
To the frayed edge of a feeling we misplaced years ago
     D                 C               G
And knowing we should really get back home


Made mistakes
                Em              B
The plants died young, like all good things
       C                    Cm
But I wish my small self had known
How much water to use
Still some nights I find
      Em                 B
The ideas that bring me rest
                    C                Cm               G
Are the ones that used to prod and pester and keep me up
D                     C          G
Swinging open doors I swore I’d shut

D       C
Pouring pewter
Em                  G              C
Amassing coins to displace debt to you
      D            C
My straight-line shooter
Let me learn here
G        Bm     C    G
I am in pursuit of all I can undo

Entertain the cancer
Em             B
We all answer upwards either way
C            Cm            G
The waiting game is tied again
Backs of hands and phrases
Misplaced gazes
B                 C           Cm                        G
Things we still deny to selves and hesitate to talk about

A call from high school two drinks in
I smiled but you could not see
      Em           Eb              D                   C
Your tin can cell receiver hummed its New York static song
The lever pulled and all at once
The floor was false
The center seam divided
Em                      Eb
Lace and well-pressed cotton
           D                 C
Found the flood we’d since forgotten

We still leave our shoes at the door
Before we wring out our wet clothes
             G          C
Across your floor and future
Em                     Eb      C
Stitch the gaps that destiny assumed
G            C
With floral sutures
         Em            Eb           C
Are you hiding or have I abandoned you?
Let me learn here
Bm        C         G     Bm     C
I am in pursuit of all I can undo


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