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Ben Abraham – I Belong To You

Lyrics and Chords Ben Abraham – I Belong To You

Artist : Ben Abraham
Song : I Belong To You

[Verse 1] :
E         B5         C5
If I only knew the song
          B5         Asus2   
That I'm supposed to sing
E                      B5     C5
To bring you from the days to come
             B5      Asus2
And sit you next  to  me
     E                   B5   E    C5
The night would sing it loud and strong
                 B5     Asus2
And when nothing more to do
                B5        E               
Cause, baby, I belong to you

[Verse 2] :
E                    B5   C5
Well, I have done my very best
           B5      Asus2 
To listen for your call
E                  B5         C5
I played my cards against my chest
              B5     Asus2   
Getting ready for the fall
 E                B5     E   C5
And all at once, I know I'll know
             B5       Asus2
And my poker face will do
               B5        E  
Cause, baby, I belong to you
[Verse 3] :
E            B5   Asus2   E
And so I'll sing   this   tune
      B5    Asus2   E
And I hope  that    you
            Asus2     E      B5   
Will someday hear my lonely melody
          Asus2 B5 E
With only  simple words
      B5 Asus2  C5
Even simpler   chords
          Asus2             E    B5
That's all I have, you see
          Asus2             E    B5
Until you're here with me

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