J, Julia NunesJulia Nunes – Cool Thanks

Julia Nunes – Cool Thanks

Lyrics and Chords Julia Nunes – Cool Thanks

Artist : Julia Nunes
Song : Cool Thanks

C E F G (x2)

C           E         F
Compliments make me uncomfortable
G      C            E        F
Am I allowed to say I don't agree
        G         C             E          F
Without making it seem like I'm feigning humility
G  C      E   F    G
Or deeply insecure?

     C      E
I am fine, I promise
    F             G            C
But I still don't know what to say
   E         F         G           C
My voice is okay, yeah I lost some weight
      E               F
But I think that it's strange
   G          C        E            F  G
To comment on anything that I can't change

C E F G (x4)

C           E
Manners are lost on me
  F         G          C            E       F 
I find it exhaustingly pointless to be so polite
    G           C
I'd rather just fight
       E           F
Get it out of your system
   G           C
So we can move on
      E           F  G
I can take it I'm strong

C E F G (x4)

C             E
Birthdays are bogus
     F        G
Yeah I hardly notice
C            E           F
Another year comes to an end
  G             C              E        F       G
I don't know my friends and my family's only my mother's
C           E          F          G     C
She lets me know about all of the others
        E       F              G           C
And I'm sorry I don't know the days of the week
    E              F           G           C 
Let alone when you came to the world so to speak
   E        F          G         C       E        F        G
My truth, I care about you, just not on a day I'm especially s'posed to

C E F G (x7)

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