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Useless ID – We Don’t Want the Airwaves

Useless ID – We Don’t Want the Airwaves Lyrics and Chords

Artist : Useless ID
Song : We Don't Want the Airwaves

[Verse 1] :
C                                                                 F
i'm not a fan of The King or The Kinks, man… The Dolls were just alright
            G                                                 C
The boss of me is from Queens, not Jersey - Forest hills it's OK
                                                      F           Dm
Art and Paul are from there, you can add it to the U.S open tournament
     F             G                     C 
But Hey, we don't care. We're from everywhere

[Verse 2] :
         C                                                       F
I Could live without the Doors and The Stones no, i'm not masquerading 
         G                                                 C
I'll admit that's a part of the art, rock and roll has no ending
                                             F              Dm
Am I the last one, could it be to defend the one true royalty?
            F              G                      C
Why lie or hide it? The Ramones are the ones for me.

[Chorus] :
            F              C                   G              Am
So when I leave home on a Road to ruin, to the end of the century
 F                   C                G 
Here's to all the pleasant dreamers, acid eaters, late 70's creatures 
 F              C           G            Am
Rocket to the U.S.S.R, I'm halfway to sanity
 F                    C           G
Brian drain on mondo bizarro time GO!

[Verse 3] :
 C#                                                           F#
You know That I had my days, growing out of a phase - it was alright.
      G#                                                  C#
I was so much the worse till I met all the freaks and the dropouts
                                                                       F#              D#m
We never bought any Cash, we were born with The Clash now we spent our lives, Loving the living
 F#                   G#         C#
Heaven and hell, all through The Ramones.
[Bridge] :
 D                                          G
We don't want the airwaves no more, we got 14 records to choose from
 A                                                              D
Leave the radio nerds with their radioheads, they can have the t-shirts, the free shit
                                                              G         Em
I can name all the hits from The Rejects to Blitz, radio I'm still not done
 G                    A              Hm
And I wish it was the same with The Ramones
 G                    A                D
Hey Brandon, are you hanging with The Ramones?

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