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Kristene Dimarco – Take Courage

Kristene Dimarco – Take Courage Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Kristene Dimarco
Song : Take Courage

[Verse 1] :
G                       D
Slow Down take time     Breath in he said
Em                     C
He’ll reveal what’s to come

[Verse 2] :
G                         D
The thoughts in his mind  Always higher than mine
Em                  C
He’ll reveal all to come

[Chorus] :
Em                     D
Take courage my heart  Stay steadfast my soul 
He’s in the waiting    He’s in the waiting

Em                   D
Hold onto your hope  As your triumph unfolds  
C                    D
He’s never failing   He’s never failing 

[Verse 3] :
G                                    D
Sing praise my soul    Find strength in joy
Em                     C
Let his words lead you on 

[Verse 4] :
G                D
Do not forget    His great faithfulness
Em                    C
He’ll finish all he’s begun

[Bridge] :
      C       Em       G
(And) You who hold the stars
     C         Em      G
Will call them each by name
       C      Em        G          D
You’ll surely keep your promisee to me
            C            D       G
That I will rise in your victory 

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