Half Moon Run – Warmest Regards

Half Moon Run – Warmest Regards Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Half Moon Run
Song : Warmest Regards

[Intro] : E
          A Am E

[Verse] :
I wait, and I wait, to make a new start
          A                        Am   E
A new beginning, but it feels like the end
And it takes one to know one

And I'm really not sure
               A            F#m  C  E
If I can put things back together like before

[Instrumental] : D A C 

[Verse] :
I'm trying to see the bright side, the best way I know
D          A            Am      C      E
The more I look up, the more I feel below

I followed my convictions

It was good until I got bored
        A                C                  E Abm
Until a voice beyond the grave kept calling more

[Instrumental] : Dbm F#m E C
                 Dbm D E
                 A B C Am E

[Verse] :
I'm really trying to be there, for the people I know
            A            C           E
The more we meet up, the more I feel alone

So I look at what surrounds me, and places I go
        A                 F#m    C        E  Abm
And the seeds all in this garden start to grow

[Outro] : Dbm F#m E C
          Dbm D E 
          B E A
          C E

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