Julien Baker – Vessels

Julien Baker – Vessels Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Julien Baker
Song : Vessels

[Verse 1] :
        Bb D    Gbm G 
Tell me in thin paper
Bb D  A    G
About your love
Bb     D    Gbm   G 
Breath like thick water
Bbm D  A    G
Lives in my lungs

[Verse 2] :
        Bb   D  Gbm   G
Skin is full of black ink
Bb  D    A     G
And your white clothes
Bb D   Gbm G 
So much I think 
Bb D   A    G
Little I know

G A Bm Dbm D A G  A G

[Verse 3] :
Bb   D   Gbm G
Pull off my armor
Bb    D       A   G
Knees bruised and naked
Bb   D    Gbm G
Peel back my skin
Bb   D   A  G
Call out my name

[Verse 4] :
Bb D   Gbm G
Vessel of brightness
Bb   D    A  G
Come make me blind
     Bb   D  Gbm  G
Till this present darkness
   Bb D      A  G
Is swallowed by light

G A Bm Dbm D A G  A G

[Chorus] :
   G  A Bm 
My skeleton
D          A  G
Is a house for my eyes
G   A     Bm
Purchased with 
  Dbm      D   A G  A G
A bleeding side

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