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The Handsome Family – Gentlemen

The Handsome Family – Gentlemen Chords and Lyrics

Artist : The Handsome Family
Song : Gentlemen

[Intro] : Em F#/D G Am C G

[Chorus] :
G       D              G  C G
Gentlemen, I tell you now, 
C             G
I swear the truth
   Em D/F# G     Am        C       G  D G D/F#
I saw the table rise, the teacup flew

[Verse 1] :
      Bm                             G
From tempered glass I built the apparatus 
     Bm                           G
to alight in the presence of phantasmus
 Am                         Em
Filaments within detect a change, 
   Am                         Em   D
in aero-pressure, barometric waves

[Chorus] :
G       D          G
Gentlemen, in the name of science! 
C                      G
Gentlemen, I now can prove:  
    Em D/F# G         Am       C        G    D G D/F#
the unseen world is close, it pushes through

[Interlude] : Bm G Bm G Am Em Am Em D

[Chorus] :
G       D       G
Gentlemen, the lights blew out! 
C                        G
Gentlemen, the curtains moved! 
    Em D/F# G       Am         C        G    D G D/F#
A world of light resides just past our view

[Verse 2] :
    Bm                       G
Within the crooks of vacuum tubes 
   Bm                         G
a caged spirit lit aglow the room 
 Am                             Em
Burst forth from the shattered tube 
     Am                                  Em  D
It thinned my blood, burnt me, ravaged cruel

[Chorus] :
G       D       G
Gentlemen, the lights do flicker! 
C                      G
Gentlemen, the air it cools! 
       Em D/F# G     Am       C        G    D G
Who's with me here, listening in this room?

[Outro] :
Gentlemen, the world grows dark! 
Gentlemen, the curtains moved! 
Who's with me here, whispering in this room?

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