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Frank Ocean – Godspeed

Frank Ocean – Godspeed Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Frank Ocean
Song : Godspeed

[Intro] : C  Bb  F (x2)

[Verse 1] : 
              C        F/C       C   F
I will always love you     how I do
            C      F/C  C
Let go of a prayer for  ya
Just a sweet word
             C                F/C
The table is prepared for you

Am/D  Am  Am/G#  Am  
F  F/G Fsus2/G  Fsus2  C/F

[Chorus] : 
            C         G/B
Wishing you godspeed,     glory
Bb                          F            Am
There will be mountains you   won't move

Fsus2  Am  C
[Verse 2] : 
      C/F         C        C/F  C    G/B  Csus2/A
Still I'll always be there for  you
      C    G
How I do
               C     C/B  C/G              A7
I let go of my claim on   you, it's a free world
                           Dsus2  C        Bb/F
You look down on where you came   from sometimes
                     Bbmaj7   Dsus2 C     F/Bb   C
But you'll have this place to call  home, always

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