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The Front Bottoms – Katana

The Front Bottoms – Katana Chords and Lyrics

Artist : The Front Bottoms
Song : Katana

[Intro] : G   C  Em  

[Verse] : 
G                                     C                      Em
Is it raining where you are? The only thing I could think to ask
            G                        C                Em 
But nothin’ ever hurt so bad As the no that you said back
                   C                       G    
But ain't that the truth man, Those are just facts
The farther you go from where you start
The harder it is to get back, 
In order to figure things out
I gotta get real real confused, 
I'm just tryin' to figure out what I've started man
I'm just doin' what I need to do

[Chorus] :  
        C       D       G   Em         C    D    G 
Love of my life, Gone forever, Love of my life, Gone for good
        C      D        G   Em         C                  D                  G
Love of my life, Gone forever, Get her back good lord, You know I wish I could

[Verse] :  
I tried to explain

I tried to explain to you
      C                         Em 
That everything I'm doing right now, 

Won't pay off for another year or two
I never thought that it'd get so far

But now I'm doin what I gotta do
C                  Em                  
I understand that business is business

And I hope that you do too
I do not blame you
Your natural instinct to protect
Gave me a list of things to keep this going
And I only got a few more things to get
C                          G
This one's for the privacy I think that I deserve
No you can not join in
God damn these people got some nerve
[Chorus] :  
Leave me alone
D                     G       Em 
I'm tryin to get in the zone
Leave me alone
D                       G
I'm tryin’ to get in the zone
        C      D        G   Em         C       D         G
Love of my life, Gone forever, Love of my life, gone for good

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