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Sting – The Empty Chair

Sting – The Empty Chair Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Sting
Song : The Empty Chair

[Intro] : Esus4 E

[Verse 1] : 
             E       E/G#            Asus2  E
If I should close my eyes, that my soul can see,
                E                           B
And there's a place at the table that you saved for me.
           E      E/G#       Asus2   A/C#
So many thousand miles over land and sea,
   Asus2   E              Asus2     E
I hope to dare, that you hear my prayer,
       Asus2  B     Esus4
And somehow I'll be there.

[Verse 2] : 
             E       E/G#          Asus2      E
It's but a concrete floor where my head will lay,
                E                            B
And though the walls of this prison are as cold as clay.
                 E      E/G#           Asus2  A/C#
But there's a shaft of light where I count my days,
    Asus2    E          Asus2   E
So don't despair of the empty chair,
       Asus2  B      Esus4
And somehow I'll be there.

[Bridge] : 
      C#m        A           E
Some days I'm strong, some days I'm weak, 
      C#m         A           E
And days I'm so broken I can barely speak,
             C#m       A               E
There’s a place in my head where my thoughts still roam,
 F#m                     B
Where somehow I've come home.

[Verse 3] : 
               E    E/G#            Asus2    E
And when the Winter comes and the trees lie bare,
               E                            B
And you just stare out the window in the darkness there.
             E    E/G#             Asus2      A/C#
Well I was always late for every meal you'll swear,
      Asus2   E            Asus2  E
But keep my place and the empty chair,
     Asus2  B       C#m
And somehow I'll be there,
     Asus2    B     Esus4
And somehow I'll be there.

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