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Bittersweet – Let It Fall

Bittersweet – Let It Fall Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Bittersweet
Song : Let It Fall

[Verse 1] : 
D        F#m     D            F#m                 Em
Thunderstorm,     heaven   wants  to  call  my  love
            F#m               Em           F#m
Lightning  sips  into  my  soul, and  I  never want to let go

D  F#m  D  F#m

[Verse 2] : 
D       F#m    D              F#m                  Em
Firestorm,       If  heaven   calls   upon   my   soul
              F#m                    Em
before  the  time  we  turn  into  dust
            F#m                   D   F#m
will  you  ever  want  to  let  go
              D          F#m
If  heaven  calls 
Em                             A
Slow  down  maybe I've grown  old
Em                            A
Sing  a  life  and  louder  ohh

[Chorus] : 
            D    F#m
Well let it fall
      Em         A
If you are the gold
       D        F#m
Let it fall
       Em           A
and live just because sometimes
Em                      A
When it's hard to understand
Em                           A
When life doesn't make any sense
Oh my   

[Solo] : Em  A  Em  A

[Outro] : 
        D   F#m  Em
Let it fall
Out of love
           D  F#m
Let it be all
    Em          A
If you are the gold
         D  F#m  Em
Let it fall
out of love
         D  F#m  Em
let it fall
               A        D
when heave    alls for you

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