Camp Cope – Done

Camp Cope – Done Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Camp Cope
Song : Done

[Intro] : E C#5 B5 (x4)

           C#5                 B5         E
It was the hardest ground that I had ever walked on
         C#5            B5           E
And just like everybody I kept on walking on
            C#5                 B5           E
There was a man in the park and he was lying down
                       C#5                         B5         
Oh, he could have been dead oh, he could have been dead
          E                         C#5        B5
But, just like everybody, I kept on walking on
   E                           C#5          B5    E  
Pretend not to notice the body on the lawn
                               C#5       B5
He could have gotten up when I had gone
         E                                   C#5      B5
And just like everybody, he could’ve kept walking on
    E       C#5  
Walking on 
              B5      E        C#5   B5
He could have kept walking on

      A5           E
And I thought to myself
                         B5                 A5
“Hey, there was probably something I should have done”

E C#5 B5 (x2)
E C#5 E5 B5 C#5

E                         C#5       B5   E
   And I still walk with the fire
                                C#5        B5   E
It’s not the one that’s burning inside her
                       C#5              B5       E
And she came to me, on pages and stolen stationary
And she told me she was sorry
     B5                    E
That this was some strange irony
               C#5     B5  E
That we got so estranged
                          C#5         B5
Yet ended up in the exact same place
              E       C#5
The exact same place
      B5              E           
Ended up in the exact same place
    C#5           B5             E                          C#5
And I just wanted to say that I only wanted to be like you, because
           B5             A5              E
Sister, I admired you and you gave up and said
                         B5         A5
“You know, I'm sorry for everything I’ve done”

E C#5 B5
E C#5 E5 B5 C#5

E                           C#5       B5          E
   And sometimes I don’t wanna see my friends
                         C#5  B5    
And it don’t have to mean anything
         E                           C#5
Feel the slow acceleration, feel the
        B5         E
Heavy implications of skin on skin
       C#5     B5         E
Did you notice it when you grew
C#5          B5         E
Into me like I grew into you?
C#5                  B5         E        C#5  B5
And I surrendered my loneliness to you
        A5                       E
And you said something along the lines of “I love you”
               B5               A5
And I probably took it the wrong way

E C#5 B5 (x2)

       A5             E
And you came back and said
                          B5       A5
“Hey, I was looking for a reason to leave
         E    A5
And it’s you
         E    A5
And it’s you”

[Outro] : E A5 (x2)

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