Ramshackle Glory – Junk Bones

Ramshackle Glory – Junk Bones Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Ramshackle Glory
Song : Junk Bones

[Verse] :
                     G    Bm C    D          Em  
Got the bones of a junkie       beneath my skin 
             D                 C                      D
I've got the heart of a saint, but who doesn't these days? 
               G      Bm  C   D       Em                 D                  
The kingdom of heaven      is in our grasp So long as we leave out 
         C                      D
all the "heaven" and "kingdom" crap 

[Chorus] :
    Bm               G            C                   D
She died without a name, and the world just kept on spinning 
Em                  G             C                D
  No time for that now, not if we want to go out swinging 

[Verse] :
        G     Bm  C     D          Em               D           
Rev the engine     just one last time Let the heat gauge 
             C          D 
rise all the way to the line 
         G    Bm  C   D      Em                     D        
Ride the motor      until it dies Coast all of the rest 
          C              D
of the way into the city line 

[Chorus] :
Bm                     G                  C                  D   
    Then I’ll walk for miles just to meet you at a diner at midnight 
Em                      G                 C                 D  
  I've been looking for truth, and maybe that's a start. Alright.

[Outro] : G Bm C D Em D C D (x2)

[End] : G

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