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Cameron Avery – Do You Know Me By Heart

Cameron Avery – Do You Know Me By Heart Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Cameron Avery
Song : Do You Know Me By Heart

[Intro] : 
You said I,
I want to know you by heart  And I said go,
Right From the start  Tell me all, The gorey details 
Then I'll know, If plan A should fail,
To take you away from it all,
And show you how tall,
You can be 
And oh it was fun, while it lasted 
But now you've, gotten past it 
All the lies, you recited 
And my love, unrequited 
Atleast you, could've waited 
Till our lust, started fading 
But your trust, is'nt all that it seems 

[Break] : F#m

[Verse] : 
F#m                                   Bm
You said that I, I want to know you by heart 
           F#m                   Bm      
I said its you and me baby, now let's never be apart 
                    E             A         
But that story you sold, really showed me how cold,
You can be

[Chorus] : 
               F#m           Bm     
And oh, it was fun, while it lasted,
           E            A
But now you've, gotten past it 
          D         Bm
All the lies, you recited,
And my love, unrequited
       F#m         Bm
Did I give, in too easy? 
             E                  A
Should have said, please don't leave me
        D             Bm
But im just, not that needy,
In your eyes, that didn't mean it anymore

[Verse] : 
So please don't try

To tell me why
And please don't cry
     G#7no5                 F#m
You tell me you love me I don't,
     Bm    E
Believe a word, 
       A         D        Bm     C#
Not a phrase or verse, a note and line
Believe me im trying but I,
        Bm               E
Don't regret it, but im trying
     A                  D
To forget it, just know I,
        Bm             C#
Really ment it unlike you,
You're pathetic and stupid 
      Bm          E
Is it worth the routine?
          A            D
Baby it's not you it's me,
          Bm           C#
It's been me from the start  

[Chorus] : 
So do you know me by heart?
           Bm            E
While it lasted, but now you've,
       A                D
Gotten past it, all the lies,
      Bm             G#7no5
You recited, and my love,


[Outro] : 
So please don't try,

To tell me why,

And please don't cry,

And tell me you love me   

[Solo] : F#m 

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