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Father John Misty – Ballad Of The Dying Man

Father John Misty – Ballad Of The Dying Man Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Father John Misty
Song : Ballad Of The Dying Man

[Intro] : F Fmaj7 F7  F Bb F/A Gm Abdim7 Gm (Gm7)
[Verse 1] :  
F                   Dm    Eb           Gm (Gm7)
Naturally the dying man wonders to himself
F                          Dm   Eb           Gm (Gm7)
Has commentary been more lucid than anybody else?
     Am                                   F7
And had he successively beaten back the rising tide
                Dm                  Dbmaj-5
Of idiots, dilettantes, and fools
                 Abdim7      Gm
On his watch while he was alive
F        Abdim7            Db  Dm
Lord, just a little more time
[Chorus 1] :  
    F Fmaj7 F7     F
Oh, in no time at all
               Bb  F/A  Gm
This'll be the distant past
G7    Gm (Gm7)
[Verse 2] :  
F                 Dm   Eb              Gm (Gm7)
So says the dying man once I'm in the box
F                           Dm   Eb            Gm (Gm7)
Just think of all the overrated hacks running amok
                 Am                                   F7
And all of the pretentious, ignorant voices that will go unchecked
                 Dm                 Dbmaj-5
The homophobes, hipsters, and 1%
                          Abdim7      Gm
The false feminists he'd managed to detect
F          Abdim7                     Db   Dm
Oh, who will critique them once he's left?
[Chorus 2] :  
    F Fmaj7 F7     F
Oh, in no time at all
               Bb  F/A  C 
This'll be the distant past
[Bridge] :  
Ab                  C               F         Bb
What he'd give for one more day to rate and analyze
Gm                     C           F        Bb
The world made in his image as of yet to realize 
        Dm      Gm     C      
What a mess to leave behind
[Verse 3] :  
F                    Dm   Eb             Gm (Gm7)
Eventually the dying man takes his final breath
F                              Dm      Eb                Gm (Gm7)
But first checks his news feed to see what he's 'bout to miss
        Am                        F7
And it occurs to him a little late in the game
             Dm                   Dbmaj-5
We leave as clueless as we came
                            Abdim7         Gm
From rented heavens to the shadows in the cave
F        Abdim7         Db    Dm
We'll all be wrong someday
[Outro] :  

"Oh oh oh" 
[End] : Bb  F/A  Gm (Gm7) 

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