Alvvays – Hey

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Alvvays – Hey Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Alvvays
Song : Hey

[Intro] : E

[Verse 1] :  
Hey, have you lost your sense of place?   
Hold a brush to your white toothpaste
         A                             G  D
Does the mirror look a little strange?

[Verse 2] : 
A         G         D      A
You, satisfied with making due (Don't think so, yeah)
          G        D   A
Should we pull the parachute? (Don't think so)
       G          D          A
I will land on my feet but I probably won't leave the house for awhile
and it feels like forever since you held me like I was a human being
      D               C
And I am a human being

[Interlude] : A    G  D (x4)

D                                            A
Blind drunk in an alleyway, assuring you I'm fine
D                                  A
Blind in an alleyway, positive I'm fine, fine

[Bridge] : 
E                             D 
Molly Mayhem on your doorstep at three AM
C                                             A
fight and you run and you run and it's likely over now
C                                             A
Fight and you run and you run and you want it over now
A         G       D
Over now, over now

[Outro] : 
A            G               D         A
 This is the nineteenth round and you know it
        G                   D         A
This is not the right crowd, and you know it

[End] : G   D

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