Bo Burnham – Are You Happy?

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Lyrics and Chords Bo Burnham – Are You Happy?

Artist : Bo Burnham
Song : Are You Happy?

[Intro] : F Am F Am Bb C

Dm                  Am    Bb
    Now the show is done
                   F             A                        Dm
I hope that you had gut-trembling or something resembling fun
And if you watch this thing alone
    Bb                                               F                   A
You probably didn’t laugh, but maybe a few times you exhaled out of your nose
Dm                              Am
    But if you hated it, that’s fair
           Bb                                           F               C
But either way, could you find a little more time for a parting questionnaire?

F                              A       Bb
   On a scale from one to zero, are you happy?
F                                         A       Bb
   ‘Cause you’re on your own from here, so are you happy?
F                          A       Bb
   I’m open to suggestions, are you happy?
F                            Gm         A7     Bb
   But what the fuck kind of question is "Am I happy?"

  F                       A       Dm
I really wanna try to get happy
And I think that I could get it if I didn’t always
F                      A       Bb
Panic every time I’m unhappy like
I’m owed some life
Where I’m always, like, happy
         Dm                            Bb
Which is stupid ‘cause I wouldn’t even want it if I got it
F                A       Bb        Bbm
Wait, oh god, my dad was right
F                                 A      Bb
   So if you know or ever knew how to be happy
F                                 A        Bb
   On a scale from one to two now, are you happy?
F                              A        Bb
   You’re everything you hated, are you happy?
F                          A        Bb
   Hey, look Ma, I made it, are you happy?

[Outro] : F Am F Am Bb C

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