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Chuck Berry – Jamaica Moon

Chuck Berry – Jamaica Moon Chords and Lyrics Artist : Chuck Berry Song : Jamaica Moon [Verse 1] : C C7sus2 Me walkin’ alone, me bring jug o’ rum C C7sus2 Me sit down on the sea shore till dee boat she come F F7sus2 Is long dee night, is quiet dee dock C C7sus2 […]

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Clean Bandit – Disconnect feat. Marina

Clean Bandit – Disconnect feat. Marina Chords and Lyrics Artist : Clean Bandit & Marina Song : Disconnect [Verse 1] : G I’ve been feeling anxious, ain’t been feeling right D I’ve been staying up, yeah, staying up all night Em I’ve been calling exes, trying to disconnect C I can’t cut the wires running […]

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Camille – Seeds

Camille – Seeds Chords and Lyrics Artist : Camille Song : Seeds [Intro] : G C [Verse 1] : C G Seeds of love, seeds of let us seed of rose to leave to flowers, seeds of rain C G Seeds of passion, seeds of suffer, seeds toward the fill for ever seeds of graves […]

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CAAMP – Misty

CAAMP – Misty Chords and Lyrics Artist : CAAMP Song : Misty [Intro] : Bb E Bb E Bb E Bb E Bb Eb [Verse 1] : Bb Gm Eb Bb You know I cant, eat without you Eb Bb And I cant sleep without you Eb Bb Stay up all night, writing songs about […]

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Charlotte OC – Darkest Hour

Charlotte OC – Darkest Hour Chords and Lyrics Artist : Charlotte OC Song : Darkest Hour [Verse 1] : D It wasn’t meant to be like this A E A life for someone else D There’s a road to the righteous F#m E That doesn’t lead through hell D There’s a drop on your eyelid […]

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Halsey – Hopeless feat. Cashmere Cat

Halsey – Hopeless feat. Cashmere Cat Chords and Lyrics Artist : Halsey & Cashmere Cat Song : Hopeless [Intro] : E F# G#m B [Verse 1] : E Boy, you make it look so easy F# Promise that I’m gonna call you back in five G#m B Sorry baby girl, but I can’t tonight, oh […]

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Cimorelli – Alive

Cimorelli – Alive Chords and Lyrics Artist : Cimorelli Song : Alive [Verse] : Bbm I sat alone in the cold Eb In my room that night Db My face was red with the tears Ab Eb Of a thousand and one lonely nights Fm Db No one came Ab Eb No one called Fm […]

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