Chris Farren – I’m Not You

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Chris Farren – I’m Not You Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Chris Farren
Song : I'm Not You

[Intro] : C G F 

[Verse 1] : 
C            G       F  
I caught you looking out
C           G      F
The bedroom window again 
C               G    F
It’s always the same view 
C                       G      F
But you’re hoping it’ll change soon 

[Verse 2] : 
C          G        F
I tried to make you smile 
C         G       F
I tried a million times 
C          G        F
You turned away and whispered 

[Chorus] : 
C             G           F 
“Oh baby baby what’s the use? 
C            G       F        
Oh baby baby I’m not you. 
C               G              F
I can’t lift my head from this king-sized bed. 
C            G       F
Oh baby baby I’m not you.”

[Outro] : C G F 

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