Citizens & Saints – Madness Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Citizens & Saints
Song : Madness

[Intro] : F  C  G (x2)

[Verse 1] :
 F                              C
Shadows of doubt, stealing my sleep
                G               F
I'm wearing down without any relief
Tired eyes and a tangled up soul
              G            F
I’m feeling lost…I don’t know
They keep on trying to soothe my grief
                 G                   F 
But all that’s left is a borrowed belief
It’s truth I need, not another cliché
                 G                     F
Your word is my hope for a steady faith

[Pre Chorus] :
Your mysteries are madness
       G                  Am
Yet still they keep me captive
The more that I discover
      G                 C
The more that I’m in wonder

[Chorus] :
F      G         Am
  Your ways (Your ways)
       C               F
Your ways are not my ways
        G               Am
Your thoughts (Your thoughts)
          C                 F 
Your thoughts are not my thoughts
    G          Am              C            F
I want to understand, but I cannot comprehend
 G             F  C  G               F  C  G
   I’m so lost,             I'm so lost

[Verse 2] :
F                                    C
This world’s so cruel, down to it’s core
                  G                     F
I’m drowning in doubt like never before
I thought with time, the wounds would all heal
                    G                              F
But still there’s days when they’re all that I feel
Yet the more I live, the more that I see
            G                  F               
The hurt I have isn’t only on me
You can feel it too, and know what I need
              G                  F
An anchored rock in a wicked sea

[Bridge] :
G              Am                F
 Sometimes I wish, I never was born

To feel the sting of a merciless world
G              Am                    F
 The constant ache, of all of this grief

Pressing me down but it’s never defeat
G              Am                        F
 Cause when I’ve reached, the end of my years

I’ll lift from the grave and I’ll bury my tears
G              Am             F
 And I will see You face to face

With brand-new eyes and a finished faith

[Instrumental] : G  Am  F (x2)

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