Conor Oberst – Counting Sheep

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Conor Oberst – Counting Sheep Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Conor Oberst
Song : Counting Sheep

[Intro] : G F#m Em C D C G 

[Verse] : 
G                 F#m
Closing my eyes, counting sheep
Em                 C
Gun in my mouth, trying to sleep
D                  C            G
Everything ends, everything has to
G                 F#m
Get well balloon, going insane
Em                    C
Weight of the world, papier-mâché
D                   C              G
Gone with the wind, out into nothing
[Chorus] : 
Em                  C          D     C
I'm just trying to be easy, agreeable
Em               C      D        C                G
I don't want to seem needy to anyone, including you

G F#m Em C D C G 

[Verse] : 
G                F#m
Little   drowned in a pool
Em                C
  got killed walking to school
D                  C                 G
Hope it was slow, hope it was painful
G                 F#m
Life is a gas, what can you do?
Em                C
Catheter piss, fed through a tube
D                     C                G
A cyst in the brain, blood on the bamboo
G                    F#m
Highway to hell's littered with signs
Em                           C
Everything last thing they advertise
D               C                G
I want to buy, I want to sell too

[Chorus] : 
Em                     C           D         C
But I don't want to seem greedy, I'm generous
Em                  C       D        C                 G      
I'm just trying to be pleasing to everyone, including you

G F#m Em C D C G 

[Bridge] : 
B7       C                 G       B7
Tomorrow is shining like a razor blade
Cm             G       Cm                D 
And anything's possible if you feel the same

G F#m Em C D C G 

[Verse] : 
G                F#m
Early to bed, early to rise
Em                 C
Acting my age, waiting to die
D                C            G
Insulin shots, alkaline produce
G                    F#m
Temperature's cool, blood pressure's fine
Em                       C
One twenty-one over seventy-five
D                    C                G
Scream if you want, no one can hear you

[Chorus] : 
Em              C         D       C
I just want to be easy, acceptable
Em              C           D          C          G
I don't want to seem needy to anyone, especially you

G  F#m  Em
C           G  F#m Em 
Especially you
C           G F#m Em C Cm G
Especially you

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