Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I Love My Daughter

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I Love My Daughter Lyrics and Chords

Artist : Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Song : I Love My Daughter

[Verse 1] :
E               B                 C#m
Daddy’s little girl, princess of my world,
                 B                 E
I never knew a beauty like this before.
               B                  C#m
So clever and cute, an angel with an attitude,
             B                    A
I want her, all mine, all of the time.
                    B                 E     B    C#m
I know songs like this can come off weird.
             F#m                  A                    B
But there’s nothing weird about helping daddy trim is beard!

Dads do that.

[Chorus] :
B                 E                      A      E
‘Cause I love my daughter, but not in a creepy way,
          C#m                                B        
Though I realize father/daughter love comes off that way.
        A                     B                     E
I just love my daughter—but again, not in a creepy way.

[Verse 2] :
E                    B                     C#m
The father/daughter dance, surrounded by adorable girls,
              B                     E
But there’s only one that’s got my eye.
                 B                     C#m
Her feet on my shoes, her hands on my hips,
                    B                          A
Yeah, it’s a weird visual, now that I think of it.
                   B                       E   B   C#m
I know lines like that can skeeve people out,
But when it comes to tickling, whoo-hoo, 
She ‘bout to get it now!

[Chorus] :
B                                   E
I’m very careful where I tickle my daughter,
E           A       E
Never inappropriately.
C#m                                          B
I can see how that came out a little bit confusingly,
I just love my daughter,
     B                          E
But seriously, not in a creepy way.

[Verse 3] :
E                       B                       C#m
One day she’ll fall in love, and I’ll give her away—
                B                                E
Not that I ever had her, what a weird thing to say.
              B                             C#m
I can see it now, she’ll look just like her mom—
(Speaking) Granted, I did have sex with her mom—
Oh, but this is different
[Chorus] :
B                  E                     A        E
‘Cause I love my daughter, but not in a love-love way,
C#m                           B
Do you get what I –uh, what I mean to say is
(Speaking) I’ll just stop talking.
B                     E
Having a daughter is weird.

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