Dawes – We’re All Gonna Die

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Dawes – We’re All Gonna Die Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Dawes
Song : We’re All Gonna Die
[Intro] : C Fmaj7

[Verse] : 
C   Fmaj7
Hey kid at the show tonight  
           C              Fmaj7
The face beyond the barricade
          C                          Fmaj7
How you dance and you sing to every single line
             C               Fmaj7
Like it was you up on that stage

   C                  Fmaj7
I mean to know your secret
     C              Fmaj7
I'm asking you for help
          C                 Fmaj7
How do I fall in love with anything
          C         Fmaj7
Like you seem to do so well?
             C               Fmaj7
I gotta get back to when it came out
     C                      Fmaj7
The way it was supposed to sound
        C             Fmaj7
Before money was ever changing hands
        C                Fmaj7
And my feet were on the ground

[Pre Chorus] : 
              Dm                 Am7    Am
When I could feel the wind's direction
        Dm                 G
When I knew what songs to sing

[Chorus] : 
              C  Fmaj7          C   Fmaj7
And he said, "Try not to get upset
               C    Fma7     C  Fmaj7
Let it all go by
        C  Fmaj7            C   Fmaj7
Because how can it be that bad
                    C    Fmaj7
If we're all gonna die?"

C     Fmaj7

[Verse] : 
Csus2    F6
Soon I started to think about
      C              Fmaj7 
That girl that disappeared
            C                        Fmaj7
How if it really was the road that pulled me away
                   C             Fmaj7
Or if I'm still a victim of my fears

          C               Fmaj7
How she showed me the machinery
          C               Fmaj7
That our words protect us from
               C              Fmaj7
How she could keep me in the moment
            C              Fmaj7
How that's all there ever was

          C               Fmaj7
I should call and ask to see her
               C            Fmaj7
Even if it's just a couple days
         C                Fmaj7
I could meet her out in Georgia
              C          Fmaj7
Or she could fly out to LA

[Pre Chorus] : 
             Dm                    Am7      Am
And if the plane goes down on her way to me
           Dm                  G
I think I know how she would react

[Chorus] : 
C   Fmaj7                   C    Fmaj7
She'd smile and close her eyes  
                  C   Fmaj7  C   Fmaj7
Think about her life  
            C   Fmaj7              C   Fmaj7
While some voice screaming in the back
                   C     Fmaj7  C   Fmaj7   
Says "We're all gonna die "

[Chorus] : 
   D  G              D    G
So try not to get upset
               D   G    D    G
Everything is fine
D  G                      D   G
Hey, it's not that big a deal
                D   G       D   G
We're all gonna die
                 D                    G         
We're all gonna die (we're all gonna die) (we're all gonna die) (x3)
                  D   G
We're all gonna die, ah ah ah

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