Dominick Butler – Always Faithful

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Dominick Butler – Always Faithful Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Dominick Butler
Song : Always Faithful

[Intro] : Am7 G/B C    C/E Fmaj7 C G                                   

[Verse 1] :
Am7              G/B
No height nor depth
       C                 C/E      Fmaj7
Could ever separate this love You Give
   C    G
To me
Am7            G/B
No life nor death 
       C                         C/E   Fmaj7
Could ever come between this love You Give
   C    G
To me

[Pre Chorus] :
Through this love
     Dm7          Am7
I am more than a conqueror 
   Fmaj7            G
So let my life proclaim

[Chorus] :
You’re always faithful
     G/B                  Am7
You never failed me and I know
You’ll never let me Go
You’re always faithful
    G                     Am7         Fmaj7
You never failed me and I know You’ll never let me go

[Bridge] :
            Fmaj7                     C   G
Even in the darkest night Your still faithful
          Dm7                       G
Even when all else fails Your still able
              Fmaj7   G                       Am7 G/B
You are still God,              You are still God

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