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Fickle Friends – Hello Hello

Fickle Friends – Hello Hello Chords and Lyrics Artist : Fickle Friends Song : Hello Hello [Verse 1] : Cm Bb I’m in a lie Ab That I told last night Eb You’re a...

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Free Far Down – Pulang

Free Far Down – Pulang Chords and Lyrics Artist : Free Far Down Song : Pulang [Intro] : C Am [Verse] : C Apa yang kau rasakan saat Am Langkah kaki telah mencapai sebuah...

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Frank Ocean – Provider

Frank Ocean – Provider Chords and Lyrics Artist : Frank Ocean Song : Provider [Verse 1] : G D Memo finna start acting out if I don’t see him soon G D Yeah my...

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Fifth Harmony – Bridges

Fifth Harmony – Bridges Chords and Lyrics Artist : Fifth Harmony Song : Bridges [Intro] : D G Bm D [Verse 1] : D G Bm G Can’t spend time in rewind, I’m sorry...

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Fifth Harmony – He Like That

Fifth Harmony – He Like That Chords and Lyrics Artist : Fifth Harmony Song : He Like That [Intro] : C Am F [Verse 1] : C Am F C Am F You got...

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Foo Fighters – Dirty Water

Foo Fighters – Dirty Water Chords and Lyrics Artist : Foo Fighters Song : Dirty Water [Verse 1] : C#m G I’ve been drinking dirty water Cadd9 Am E I’ve been here before after...

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