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Foo Fighters – Dirty Water

Foo Fighters – Dirty Water Chords and Lyrics Artist : Foo Fighters Song : Dirty Water [Verse 1] : C#m G I’ve been drinking dirty water Cadd9 Am E I’ve been here before after all C#m G The witching hour is upon us Cadd9 Am E You and I get sick, on it’s own C#m […]

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Fullmarx – Sex Face

Fullmarx – Sex Face Chords and Lyrics Artist : Fullmarx Song : Sex Face [Verse 1] : Cadd9/E hey girl i hope you got a donor card, G cause i’m known as a lethal weapon whenever my boners hard, Em7 They commonly ignore the reason it arisen, Dadd11/F# My dick is a criminal and dont […]

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Fickle Friends – Glue

Fickle Friends – Glue Chords and Lyrics Artist : Fickle Friends Song : Glue [Intro] : C Oooh [Verse 1] : C Cool yourself down C I think I’m getting stuck C Am F I think I’m getting hooked on you C Your cheeks are so warm C And mine are glowing too C Am […]

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Flogging Molly – Life Is Good

Flogging Molly – Life Is Good Chords and Lyrics Artist : Flogging Molly Song : Life Is Good [Intro] : Em C Em C Am C She said make this pain disappear G F C and lead me through this life you one day feared Am C Don’t make me belong where I don’t belong […]

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Foo Fighters – Run

Foo Fighters – Run Chords and Lyrics Artist : Foo Fighters Song : Run [Intro] : C Am E D (x7) C Am Em D Wake up, run for your life with me C Am Em D Wake up, run for your life with me C Am Em D In another perfect life C Am […]

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Front Porch Step – Perfect Man

Front Porch Step – Perfect Man Chords and Lyrics Artist : Front Porch Step Song : Perfect Man [Verse 1] : F Am G Keep your lips away from me F Am G I don’t want to feel your touch F Am G ‘Cause your heart is lacking truth, Dm Gm F And your words […]

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Foster The People – SHC

Foster The People – SHC Chords and Lyrics Artist : Foster The People Song : SHC [Intro] : F#m C#m D6 E6 A C#m (x2) [Verse 1] : F#m C#m D6 E6 You are our secret, it’s worth keeping A C#m F#m C#m And now I’m keeping my mouth shut D6 E6 A C#m F#m […]

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Feist – Any Party

Feist – Any Party Chords and Lyrics Artist : Feist Song : Any Party [Intro] : C C/B C F (x4) [Verse 1] : C C/B C Am I was guided by voices to the backyard where I Hear C C/B C F That someone is talking about someone we used to know C C/B […]

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