Flyte – False Alarm

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Flyte – False Alarm Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Flyte
Song : False Alarm

[Intro] : F  A  Dm  Bb

[Verse 1] : 
    F              A     Dm     Bb
She called me last night
        F         A      Dm    Bb
She was parked outside
Dm                      A
  I walked out into the street
F                       D
 There in the passenger seat
              Gm             Bbm  
Thought I was safe from harm
                F   A   Dm  Bb  F  A  Dm  Bb
It was a false alarm

[Verse 2] : 
        F          A     Dm   Bb     
A quiet hand over mi     ine
         F       A     Dm    Bb
A fate already resi    igned
Dm                 A     
  A sudden losing streak
F               D
  A beautiful defeat
               Gm          Bbm
Right from the very start 
                 F    A    Dm  Bb   F   A  Dm   Bb
It was a false alarm

[Bridge] : 
Db                  Ab
  I'm waiting for the day
Gb                   F
  When your memory’s fading away
Bb                        Eb
  I'll see you out in the street
          Ab                    C
And we'll smi       i i         ile 

[Verse 3] : 
         F      A      Dm    Bb
When I’m half aslee    ep
              F           A    Dm  Bb
Caught at the back of the be e at
Dm              A
   The hard and hollow space
F                D       
  Of a love that can't be replaced
Gm                      C 
I thought it lasted forever
         F       D
I was so wrong
                   Gm        Bbm
She was a stranger on my arm
                 F   A   Dm  Bb  F  A  Dm
It was a false alarm
       Bbm    Dm
Just a false alarm

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