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Girls’ Generation – Light Up The Sky

Girls’ Generation – Light Up The Sky Chords and Lyrics Artist : Girls’ Generation Song : Light Up The Sky [Intro] : G A Bm D G A Bm Em F# [Verse 1] : G D Thinking ‘bout you eodijjeum isseonni Em F# Bm nan jeongmal dallajin ge eopseo A G F#m Bm meoreojin dwiro […]

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Gryffin – Whole Heart

Gryffin – Whole Heart Chords and Lyrics Artist : Gryffin Song : Whole Heart [Intro] : D A E F#m (x2) [Verse 1] : D A We got problems in the streets again E F#m Drowning in the violence, it’s getting pretty tense D A A lot of hunger in the faces I see E […]

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Glass Animals – Mama’s Gun

Glass Animals – Mama’s Gun Chords and Lyrics Artist : Glass Animals Song : Mama’s Gun [Verse 1] : F#m A In the summer, took my gun D B And made him go to Neverland F#m A He was something, my old husband D B He had all you’d ever want F#m A D B […]

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Grace VanderWaal – Burned

Grace VanderWaal – Burned Chords and Lyrics Artist : Grace VanderWaal Song : Burned [Verse 1] : Cm You tell me that I’m crazy G Doing this alone Cm You told me to save me G Oh how I’ve grown [Pre Chorus] : Fm Ddim7 Cm Bb Ab I am ca pable of everything you […]

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Grace VanderWaal – Just A Crush

Grace VanderWaal – Just A Crush Chords and Lyrics Artist : Grace VanderWaal Song : Just A Crush [Verse 1] : C You’re lookin at me G I’m lookin at you F This is never gonna sort itself out C G I don’t know what you will do [Pre Chorus] : F Cause you’re talkin’ […]

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Gazzelle – Sayonara

Gazzelle – Sayonara Chords and Lyrics Artist : Gazzelle Song : Sayonara [Intro] : Bm G D A [Verse 1] : Bm G D Quante cose che pensi quando non parli A però che noia decifrarti Bm G D non mi va più di starmene qui con te A e la tua amica scema che […]

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Grey – I Miss You feat. Bahari

Grey – I Miss You feat. Bahari Chords and Lyrics Artist : Grey & Bahari Song : I Miss You [Verse 1] : F Am I used to know you better, better than anyone C F Now I don’t know you at all F Am You used to keep my secrets, shallow has turned to […]

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Grouplove – MRI

Grouplove – MRI Chords and Lyrics Artist : Grouplove Song : MRI [Verse] : B G D F#m Before you feel like everything’s gone wrong B G D F#m Let’s laugh and sing and think about this song D F#m Yeah think about this song D F#m Yeah think about this song D F#m Yeah […]

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Geri Halliwell – Miracles

Geri Halliwell – Miracles Chords and Lyrics Artist : Geri Halliwell Song : Miracles [Intro] : G# [Verse 1] : G# We can live for F a thousand years Bbm Always be something we don’t understand C# Like who is God and what’s the plan And G# F we are wandering in Bbm the dark […]

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Gorillaz – Strobelite

Gorillaz – Strobelite Chords and Lyrics Artist : Gorillaz Song : Strobelite [Verse 1] : Am C Bm Am Am Bm Am G C Am Momentary pain C Can be pleasure lain Bm Millisecond change Magic lantern strange Am C Are we just too far, to be as one again? Bm Are we obsidian? Is […]

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