Gazpacho – Choir of Ancestors

Gazpacho – Choir of Ancestors Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Gazpacho
Song : Choir of Ancestors

[Intro] : Cm Gm Cm Bb Cm Eb Bb

[Verse1] :
       Cm      Gm   Cm     Bb     Cm       Eb Bb        Gm
In the long line behind us of the fallen dominos
        Cm         Gm    Cm
Are the faceless men and women
Bb      Cm               Eb  Bb    
All the lives you will never know

[Verse 2] :
            Cm Bb                   Cm Bb
In the darkest nights I live through
            Cm Bb               
Hear them whisper in my dreams
                  Cm Bb                 Cm Bb
"We are the oak of a thousand branches
                  Cm Bb          (Bb)
and the roots have dug so deep"

[Chorus 1] :
     Eb Bb           Cm     Bb
Hold on through your desert
   Eb             Bb
Oh hold on to the reins
   Cm   Bb    Eb     F
Oh hold on to wonder
    Gm            Bb
Our story in your veins
Eb   Bb      Cm       Bb
Once we were children
 Eb                 Bb
Above us burned the stars
           Cm      Bb          Eb      F 
And now we come to you in your darkest hour
   Gm             Bb
As you are who we are

[Bridge 1] :
         Ab             Cm
We would stare into our fires
   Eb              Ab
As you have done tonight
        Ab                Cm
Let the ashes know what's right
Eb             Bb
Then you can decide

[Interlude 1] :
 Eb   Bb Cm               
"Hold on you know what we 
Eb Gm      Cm
know, your dreams are our 
Eb Bb Cm                Eb Gm Bb
own, you'll find out in time"

[Chorus 2] :
   Eb   Bb    Cm      Bb
Oh hold on to memory
Eb             Bb
Hold on to the edge
Cm   Bb    Eb       F
Hold on to stories
    Gm                Bb
The decision that you made

   Eb   Bb     Cm       Bb
Oh find your direction
   Eb               Bb
Oh hang on for your life
     Cm    Bb         Eb      F
With yesterday just a blur of grey
         Gm               Bb
Spinning in the wheels of time

[Solo] : C5 Bb5 G5 Eb5 F5

[Verse 3] :
    Cm    Gm      Cm     Bb
The Great Wall of China
            Cm      Eb     Bb
Is going to crumble in the end
        Cm          Gm       Cm        Bb
And the graves that still surround it
     Cm        Eb     Bb
Echo countless wasted men

[Verse 4] :
       Cm     Gm      Cm        Bb
In the brotherhood of factories
          Cm        Bb        Ab
Where the bonds are forged in steel
       Cm     Gm   Cm       Bb
By the hammer of redemption
       Eb           Bb
In the fires of gasoline

[Chorus 3] :
   Eb   Bb         Cm       Bb
So hold on to your brother
Eb              Bb
Hold on to your team
   Cm         Bb    Eb    F
Oh fight your every hour ‘cause
        Gm                 Bb
When it hurts you start to win

   Eb   Bb    Cm         Bb
Oh hold on to something
        Eb           Bb
You can do it if you try
          Cm       Bb       Eb       F
There's a wedge between the will and when
        Gm                Bb
But the walls are closing in

[Bridge 2] :
        Ab                Cm
We were thrown out of our lives
      Eb           Ab
And across a great divide
       Ab               Cm
But as long as you hold on
Eb            Bb
You keep us alive

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