Glen Campbell – The Bottom Line

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Glen Campbell – The Bottom Line Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Glen Campbell
Song : The Bottom Line

[Intro] : Em  B7  Em

[Verse 1] :
                          B7                     Dm
Now we could sit here and reflect on what to do
              G             C                  Am
Face the cold arithmetic    dividing me an you
                 D7             Bm          Em
Should we flip a coin or simply reach into a hat
F#m                          B
Maybe if we take our time it won't resort to that

[Verse 2] :
Em                                B                    Dm
We've got these feelings and they just won't rearrange
              G            C                      Em
Further complicated by the way that people change
Am                 D7       Bm                 Em  
Now both of us are sensible so there must be a way
   G         Am      C          G7    Dm    G      Am 
To write off all the losses and begin again today
                   Am7             Cm7             
So lets forget the numbers that we do from time to time
G                                    Dm7             G   G7 
We can add the problems up it's the love we can't define

[Chorus 1] :
    C                       Am    C   
But all that really matters girl 
           Am     Am7             Cm7  G  Bm 
Is whether we can face the bottom line

[Instrumental] :   Em  B  Dm  Am  C  Em  C  D7  G  Em  Am  Am7  B  Em

[Verse 3] :
                              B                    Dm
Now we can leave here with an equal share of doubt
               G         G7 C                      G     
Take along the weakness'    we never thought about
    Am          Am7 D7            G              Bm    Em
And maybe we'll be  better off to go our seperate ways
   Am               Am7    C              Dm7           G  G7 
If thats the way it ends   at least we'll be allowed to say
   Am                            Cm7
We did all that was possible whatever came to mind 
G                                     Dm         Dm7   G    G7  
We lost to all the little things that love can't get behind

[Chorus 2] :
But all that really matters girl 
   D7                      G      Cm7  G  Am  G
Is whether we can face the bottom line

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