Gord Downie – Into The Night

Gord Downie – Into The Night Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Gord Downie
Song : Into The Night

[Verse 1] :
F                                   G
I saw you running with your friends I called your name too loud    
          F                                 G
'come back' so many times it might of been embarrassing if you 
hadn't come walking back 

[Verse 2] :
F                                         G
Here's where I shook you by the shoulders shoved you up against 
           F                                               G
a truck    'what's up' it was a picture of someone getting older and 
of someone growing up 

[Chorus] :
Am          C                    Am
someone growing up someone growing up 
C        Am     G                  C
someone growing up someone growing up 

[Verse 3] :
F                               G
it was like you were in disguise you were so nonchalant    'come 
   F                                 G                               C
on' as though your well half  lidded eyes said, 'what the hell do you want?' 

[Verse 4] :
F                           G                                   F
Well I must've said something for you to feel i was alright    'alright' 
                           G                            C
We had a great conversation that went on well into the night 

[Outro] :
 Am              C       Am     C    Am   G C
went on into the night

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