Hinds – Easy

Lyrics and Chords Hinds – Easy

Artist : Hinds
Song : Easy

[Verse 1] :
F     G Bb               C
You said it was gonna be easy
            F      G
Now you're driving away
Bb                     C
(I've) got no tears to share.
    F  G  Bb             C
And I sold every feeling you gave me
         F        G
now I'm all on my own
Bb                     C
does it show you were right?

[Instrumental] : Bb F Bb F (x2)

[Verse 2] :
F     G  Bb                C
My smile used to save your vision
          F          G
Now you won't rest at night
Bb                C
If I am by your side.
    F  G  Bb             C
And you drunk all the flavours they gave you
         F          G
Boy you know where I am
Bb                     C
I still need you tonight.

[Instrumental] : Bb F Bb F (x2)
[Verse 3] : Bb Am Now I know what's like to be afraid Bb you're right And you watered my life C I need you by my side Bb Am You know how it felt when you treated me like a friend Bb C But you know where you gonna go. [Instrumental] : Bb F Bb F (x2) Bb

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