Josh Groban – Anthem

Lyrics and Chords Josh Groban – Anthem

Artist : Josh Groban
Song : Anthem

   D  Em7/9   F#m7/11                Bm7  Bm7/A        E/G# 
No man, no madness / Though their sad  power may prevail                            
        A    B/A        Em/G  D/F#     Em         Asus    D/F# 
Can possess, conquer, my country's   heart / They rise to fail   
  D  Em7/9   F#m7/11            G9   Gm/Bb               D/F#                              
She  is     eternal   /  Long before nations' lines were drawn 
         Bm7   E7           A  E/G#  F#m7    Esus E7  Asus    
When no flags flew, when no armies  stood my land was born 

    Bm7              F#m7                G6               D/F# 
And you ask me why I love her / through wars, death and despair 
G9         D/F#      G9           Asus 
She is the constant, we who don't care 
    Bm7                F#m7           G9 
And you wonder will I leave her - but how?... 

G9   A9         D A/C#   D    G9   Asus           D 
I   cross over borders  but   I'm  still   there now 
 G9         D/F#       Asus          F#4/C#  Am/C 
How could I leave her? Where would I start? 
G9   A9          D  A/C#   D    G9  Asus   Bm7   Bm7/A            
Let man's petty  nations  tear themselves apart 
G9  A9           D  A/C#   D    G9 Asus     D 
My land's only  borders   lie   around my heart 

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