Julien Baker – Televangelist

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Julien Baker – Televangelist Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Julien Baker
Song : Televangelist

[Verse 1] : 
   C                  Am  Em7
my heart is gonna eat itself
        Fmaj7     C    G
i don't need anybody's help
     Fmaj7                      C  Em7
it's just me the vacant and nobody else
Fmaj7                  Am   Fmaj7 C
at least that's what i tell my    self

[Chorus 1] : 
             F              C       G
cause i'm an amputee with a phantom touch
F               Am      G
leaning on an invisible crutch
              F                          C    G
pinned to the mattress like an insect to styrofoam
F                   Am      G
calling out from my bedroom alone

[Interlude] : Fmaj7 Cmaj7 Fmaj7

[Verse 2] : 
      C                      Am  Em7
and i know what's in my cannibal chest
            Fmaj7                                    C     G
that's been dug out like a strip mine till there's nothing left
         Fmaj7                             C  Em7
hold the chorus in between my ears until i go deaf
       Fmaj7                           Am     Fmaj7 C
that remind me exactly what i am every chance they  get

[Chorus 2] : 
   F                       C        G
am i a masochist screaming televangelist
F                        Am              G
clutching my crucifix of white noise and static
Fmaj7                   D7sus2
all my prayers are just apologies
Am                         G6sus4
hold out a flare until you come for me
   Fmaj7 D7sus2           Am    G6sus4
do i            turn into light
          Fmaj7 D7sus2 Am G6sus4
if i burn alive
          Fmaj7 D7sus2 Am G6sus4 Fmaj7 D7sus2 Am G6sus4
if i burn alive

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