Leeland – The War

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Leeland – The War Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Leeland
Song : The War

[Intro] : A   B   E  C#m

[Verse 1] :
      A                    B 
The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want
     E                             C#m
You lead me in the paths of Your righteousness
In these green pastures I’ll sing a song
E                       C#m
I will fear no evil in life or death

[Pre Chorus] :
A                        B
Though my enemies rise against me
I know that you are with me
I know that You are always for me

[Chorus] :
Your Fighting all my battles
          B               E     C#m
So I’m standing in your victory
You prepare a table
          B               E    C#m
In the presence of my enemies
A                       B     E 
You’ve already won the war

E    A  B  (x2)

[Verse 2] :
The Lord is my warrior
My sun and shield
      E                        C#m
Your Word is the sword that shatters fear
  A                     B
You watch over me and count my steps
      E                     C#m
Your love and affection so furious

[Pre Chorus 2] :
A                               B
Your voice thunders from the heavens
Breaking through this desert
Shouting I am your defender

[Tag] :
      A                     B
The battle’s not mine but Yours
     C#m                   E/G#
The battle’s not mine but Yours
      A                     B    E
The battle’s not mine but Yours

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