Marc Martel – In The Bleak Midwinter

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Marc Martel – In The Bleak Midwinter Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Marc Martel
Song : In The Bleak Midwinter

[Intro] : C  Csus

[Verse 1] : 
G                Em
In the bleak midwinter, 
C                 D2
frosty wind made moan.
G                   C Bm 
Earth stood hard as iron, 
Bm            C
water like a stone.
G                 F      Em
Snow had fallen, snow on snow, 
C          Dsus/D
snow on snow.
G                C
In the bleak midwinter, 
D D2   C       
long ago.

[Instrumental] : G  Em   

[Verse 2] : 
G                Em
Angels and arch angels, 
C                 D
may have gathered there. 
G            C   Bm
Cherubim and seraphim, 
Bm           C
thronged the air.
G              F Em
But his mother only, 
C                Dsus/D
in her maiden bliss,
G                C
Worshiped the Beloved, 
D D2    C             G
with a kiss.

[Refrain] :  
    C                    Em
And what can I give Him, poor as I am? 
   D        D2           C
If I were a shepherd,  I'd bring a lamb. 
   C                 Em
If I were a wiseman, I'd do my part. 
      D          D2
Yet, what can I give Him?
Give  my   heart! 

[Instrumental] :  G   C   G   C

G             C       Am          F           
oooooooohhh  oooooh   ohooooh    ohoohooooooo

[Verse] :  
G                   Em
Our God heaven can't hold Him, 
C                D2 
nor the earth sustain. 
G                       C   Bm  
Heaven and earth shall flee away, 
Bm                C
when He comes to reign. 
G                F Em
In the bleak midwinter, 
C                    Dsus/D
a stable place sufficed. 
G              C
The Lord God Almighty
D  D2   Cadd9        
Jesus Christ

[Outro] : G  C  G  C