Marika Hackman – Next Year

Marika Hackman – Next Year Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Marika Hackman
Song : Next Year

Em         B7sus4/E
Oh, Father Time
Grow me, change me
        B7/E                          Em
Age and shed the infant skin that was mine
Did you hear the wind
         Am/E                B7/E
Howling, growling? She knows something
She is older than I

B           Bm           Em    
Progress is slow on this heart that I grow
Bm          A#  Am  Em
I'll love a lot next year

Em          B7sus4/E
Beat to the drum
         Am/E            B7/E
Constant motion, vessels pulsing
Every second we die
Hands to the sun
         Am/E                B7/E
Burning, breathing, glowing, healing
Sustenance of the sky

Bm            B        C              G
Wholemeal and coal are better for the soul
                 B7        Em
But I believe in blood and lust

Em         B7sus4/E
Oh, Father Time
        Am/E            B7/E
Rock me gently, I'm not ready
Can't we stay for a while?
And listen to the wind
    Am/E       B7/E
Melody of melancholy
She's a lullaby

    B          Bm           Em
But send me to sleep and my mother she will weep
Bm         A#   Am Em
Alma Mater I've not met

    Bm            B            C         G
And here's to the womb and the human catacomb
           B7          Em
I am not a child quite yet
    G          B7          Em
No, I am not a child quite yet

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