Microwave – Wrong

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Microwave – Wrong Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Microwave
Song : Wrong

[Verse 1] : 
        C#m      G#m                A         E
Did you soil the sheets where your conscience sleeps?
           F#m            E                 B
There’s a half-gallon of bleach beneath the kitchen pipes
      C#m       G#m          A         E
Let’s keep this brief, I was about to leave and
  F#m           E                 B 
I didn’t really want you to come by

        C#m     G#m     A           E
You can call it healing, but I just stopped from feeling
    F#m            E                B
The parts of you I knew would never feel right
        C#m        G#m     A            E
And you don’t need healing, if you never really cared
  F#m                    E                   B
I still don’t care, it’s whatever, you were right

[Chorus 1] : 
F#m               E             B
I’ve got faith in failure I was bound to get what I expected
  F#m           E              B
I gave it up upfront to keep my pride
    F#m              E             B
And I’ve been slowly inching up my back to this brick wall 
      F#m             E               B
Cause I know it’s not thick enough to keep    you behind

C#m  G#m  A   E
F#m  E    B

[Verse 2] : 
            C#m    G#m
If it was a movie
           A             E
They would get the ending right
     F#m           E
And cleverly leave out all of 
The rest of our lives
         C#m      G#m
It would zoom out
              A            E
Chain smoking blunts up in our house
     F#m          E                       B
With junk food in our mouths, the kind of sleepless dreams that mark our evenings

[Chorus 2] : 
F#m          E                    B
Maybe I just missed it, I’ve been doing this forever
          F#m          E               B
And still everywhere I go is somewhere I don’t belong
     F#m               E               B
But, maybe that’s just how it is, that moving on means blending in
    F#m            E                  B
And maybe now it’s fair to say that I had it all wrong

[Outro] : 
             C#m    B    E
Yeah, I was wrong

C#m  B   E   E  (x3)

            C#m    B    E
Yeah, I was wrong
About everything

      C#m    B    E
I was wrong
About everything

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