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Neck Deep – In Bloom

Neck Deep – In Bloom Chords and Lyrics Artist : Neck Deep Song : In Bloom [Intro] : C G Am Bm (x2) [Verse] : C G Am Bm Sometimes at night I let it get to me C G Am Bm And sometimes I’m sure it gets to all of us C G Am […]

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Nashville Cast – Learning How To Lose You

Nashville Cast – Learning How To Lose You Chords and Lyrics Artist : Nashville Cast Song : Learning How To Lose You [Verse 1] : Ab Eb Fm Db Last night I left the kitchen singing Folsom Prison Blues Ab Eb Fm Db I’d been up doing the dishes drinking whiskey like we use to […]

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Nicole Dollanganger – Lemonade

Nicole Dollanganger – Lemonade Chords and Lyrics Artist : Nicole Dollanganger Song : Lemonade [Verse 1] : C Em I’ve been home all day C Em My husband’s gone they all say C Em He’s got a girl on the side F Em While I stay home all day C Em So I make lemonade […]

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Niall Horan – Slow Hands

Niall Horan – Slow Hands Chords and Lyrics Artist : Niall Horan Song : Slow Hands G We should take this back to my place D That’s what she said right to my face Em ‘Cause I want you bad, yeah, I want you, baby C I’ve been thinking ’bout it all day G D […]

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Nigahiga – Millennial Love

Nigahiga – Millennial Love Chords and Lyrics Artist : Nigahiga Song : Millennial Love [Intro] : G Cadd9 Em Cadd9 [Verse 1] : G I remember the first time I laid my eyes Cadd9 On a turnt up dime I knew that I Em Cadd9 Was OMFG, feeling kinda thirsty [Verse 2] : G You […]

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Nothing But Thieves – Amsterdam

Nothing But Thieves – Amsterdam Chords and Lyrics Artist : Nothing But Thieves Song : Amsterdam [Verse] : Gm People don’t know much D# Need a whiskey crutch A# F To think of something new Gm Hey you watching me D# Lookin’ through a screen A# F I’m here in front of you [Pre Chorus] […]

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Nek – Freud feat. J-Ax

Nek – Freud feat. J-Ax Chords and Lyrics Artist : Nek & J-Ax Song : Freud [Verse 1] : Gm Questo lo dice Freud Bb Puoi combattere quando vuoi Eb Cm Ma i pensieri con le mani vanno dove sai Gm Questo lo dice Freud Bb Che l’amore non paga mai Eb Cm Ma l’amore […]

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Nelly Furtado – Live

Nelly Furtado – Live Chords and Lyrics Artist : Nelly Furtado Song : Live [Verse 1] : F A# Now that I am lying here with imperfection running through my veins Gm Am F A# Gm Am I take the time to breathe it in, it looks good written on my face F A# I […]

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DNCE – Kissing Strangers feat. Nicki Minaj

DNCE – Kissing Strangers feat. Nicki Minaj Chords and Lyrics Artist : DNCE & Nicki Minaj Song : Kissing Strangers [Verse 1] : Gm Cm F Aye, I’m just trying to make way out to the concrete jungle D What’s with me? Gm Cm F D Aye, oh you trying to find connection in 2000 […]

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