Nemra – Seasons

Nemra – Seasons Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Nemra
Song : Seasons

[Verse 1] : 
C                Dm
When birds will sing about the spring
Dm               C      
And when trees will be painted green
C                Dm
When our young hearts will feel sweet pain
Dm             C
We’ll fall in love again

[Verse 2] : 
Gm              F
And when we'll find our love
F             C      
Summer will come as dove
C            Dm  
We’ll lie under the starry sky
Dm             C
And moon will sing a lullaby

[Verse 3] : 
C                 Dm
Leaves will fall down on to the ground
Dm             C  
With autumn’s wind they’ll make a sound
C             Dm
Sadness will catch our happy souls
Dm                 C
And we’ll write a song about broken love…

[Verse 4] : 
Gm                F
Winter comes and all around is white
F            C
Outside is cold, but children smile
C           Dm
We want to sit alone and think
Dm                 C
Of girls that we loved at spring