Neil Finn – Terrorise Me

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Neil Finn – Terrorise Me Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Neil Finn
Song : Terrorise Me

[Intro] : Dm   C
          Bb   Gm
          F    C  Bb  C

[Verse 1] : 
Dm                 C
There's no sign of hope
Bb                  Gm
Looking through a telescope
F            C        Bb        C
Beauty has a way of seeming unconcerned
Dm            C
Rebels in the North
Bb               Gm
Music is an evil force
F               C                    Bb
There's nothing good that anyone can do or say

[Bridge] : 
Bb                            F    Cmaj7
Taxi coming down the Old Kent Road
                    C   F#7
I won't turn into a xenophobe

[Verse 2] : 
Dm                 C
One hundred mortal souls
Bb                Gm
Now you know what kindness is
F                  C                    Bb         C
That he would sacrifice himself for the love of her
Dm                 C
Good fortune has a face
Bb                    Gm
Found her in a higher place
F                C                  Bb
A leather jacket left in a dressing room

[Bridge] : 
Bb                          F            Cmaj7
Walking down the Boulevarde Hotel
                             C        Dm/A     Dm
Was it fate that brought you here, or there or anywhere?

[Chorus] : 
A7sus4         Dm Bb     Dm
If you want to terrorise me
        Bb            Dm
Make me hate you in return
     Bb      A                Dm
Well love is stronger when it hurts

A7sus4         Dm Bb    Dm
If you want to motivate me
       Bb           Dm
You'll get what you deserve
      Bb    Gm
There are no words   
      Bb     GmMaj7
There are no words   

[Instrumental] : Fma7    Dm
                 Fadd9   BbMaj7/D
                 Dm      Gm
                 C   A7

[Verse 3] : 
Dm            C
In my distant home
Bb             Gm
I will write a melody
F           C                   Bb         C
That I will sing for you when I return
Dm         C
It may not change a lot
Bb               Gm
But I'll give it everything I've got
F               C               Bb
It will come to life because of you

[Outro] : Gm

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