Offa Rex – The Old Churchyard

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Offa Rex – The Old Churchyard Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Offa Rex
Song : The Old Churchyard

[Intro] : D  G  D  G

[Verse 1] : 
Bm              A           D         A
Come, come with me out to the old churchyard,
     D                            G
I so well know those paths 'neath the soft green sward.
        Bm         A            D          A
Friends slumber in there that we want to regard;
        D                            G
We will trace out their names in the old churchyard.

Bm                        D
Mourn not for them, their trials are o'er
    Bm            G            D
And why weep for those who will weep no more?
    Bm             A            D        A
For sweet is their sleep, though cold and hard
      D                     G
Their pillows may be in the old churchyard.

[Verse 2] : 
  Bm             A           D          A
I know that it's vain when our friends depart
   D                       G
To breathe kind words to a broken heart,
      Bm            A     D       A
And I know that the joy of life is marred
        D                          G
When we follow lost friends to the old churchyard.

    Bm                    D
But were I at rest 'neath yonder tree,
    Bm            G       D
Oh, why would you weep, my friends, for me?
       Bm        A          D           A
I'm so weary, so wayworn, why would you retard
    D                   G
The peace I seek in the old churchyard?

[Break] : Bm  A  D  A
          D      G

[Verse 3] : 
Bm                       D
Why weep for me, for I'm anxious to go
        Bm       G           D            A
To that haven of rest where no tears ever flow,
      Bm          A         D           A
And I fear not to enter that dark lonely tomb
          D                    G
Where our Saviour has lain and conquered the gloom.

[Break] : Bm  A  D  A
          D      G

[Verse 4] : 
Bm                      D
I rest in the hope that one bright day
Bm            G             D           A
Sunshine will burst to these prisons of clay,
        Bm        A          D            A
And old Gabriel's trumpet and voice of the Lord
     D                       G
Will wake up the dead in the old churchyard

[Outro] : Bm  A  D  A
          D      G
          Bm  A  D  A
          D      G

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